Each for Equal: International Women’s Day 2020

Happy International Women’s Day!

The road to gender equality is a long and challenging journey for all of us, but we continue and remain steadfast despite these hurdles. Today, we celebrate and honor all kinds of women from different walks of life regardless of SOGIESC, abilities, social and economic statuses.

We will continue standing up for all women until the day that patriarchy, misogyny, and sexism are eradicated. We will continue our fight against all forms of biases and discrimination until the day that we are treated as equals. We will continue advocating and fighting for equal opportunities, equal rights, and gender equality for each and every single one of us.

Yes, let’s make real change, and make these changes work for all women towards a gender equal world.

#WomenMakeChange #EachForEqual #IWD2020 #YESToEquality #LoveWins

#SOGIEEqualityNow #GALANGPhilippines

📸 https://www.pcw.gov.ph/ and https://www.internationalwomensday.com/

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