National Lesbian Day 2020

More than two decades ago, some 200 Filipino lesbians from different walks of life came together for the First National Lesbian Rights Conference (FNLRC) to share their stories, and demand equal treatment—equal human rights—from a homophobic and discriminatory world.


Two decades has passed since the first anti-discrimination bill was filed in Congress. For the past 20 something years, persons of diverse sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, and sex characteristics (SOGIESC) have been clamoring for equal rights but the cries of those who fought before us are still unheard by the government and the people.


This National Lesbian Day, we hope that our LGBTQIA+ siblings and allies gain renewed strength and courage from the lesbians who stood their ground and fought for their own emancipation.


They’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, LESBIAN RIGHTS ARE HUMAN RIGHTS!


#NationalLesbianDay2020 #YESToEquality #LoveWins #SOGIEEqualityNow #PassADBNow #GALANGPhilippines


** For FNLRC’s complete statement, please check out this link.

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