#RecoverBetter: Human Rights Day 2020

As the year comes to a close, let’s look back at the some of the events in the past months. While a pandemic is happening, the Philippines went through severe natural disasters, press freedom’s curtailed, the untimely enactment of the Anti-Terror law, and the shameless opposition on SOGIE-specific anti-discrimination bills.


We’re all unprepared and suffering from this health pandemic, more so with the inadequate disaster response –  lack of media coverage, and inefficient warning system. On top of that, human rights defenders are being silenced, and advocates are dragged through the mud.


This must end now! Our problems will continue to pile up until we recognize that human rights are fundamental and inalienable. What better way to commemorate the International Human Rights Day than to start creating solutions with a human rights-based approach? This is an urgent call that we have to heed lest we lose thousands more people in the next years.


“Recover Better – Stand Up for Human Rights.” (United Nations, 2020)


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