What We Do

Capacity Building

By conducting community-based trainings on gender, sexuality, and human rights, and providing technical assistance in leadership and organizational development, we seek to improve the self-confidence of lesbians, bisexual women, and trans men (LBTs) in urban poor communities and build their capacities in: (1) understanding and articulating the rights and issues of the sector; (2) organizing and mobilizing their peers to support the advocacy for LBT human rights; and (3) influencing policy makers to develop policy support for LBT human rights.

Policy Advocacy & Networking

We strengthen partnerships and form alliances with various stakeholders to push policies supporting LBT human rights across sectors and at all levels. With the help of allies in civil society, government, the private sector, and academia, we aim to improve the access of Filipino urban poor LBTs to social services such as health, sanitation, education, and utilities. In the hopes of opening up more opportunities for gainful employment for LBTs, we promote LBT human rights by producing information, education, and communication (IEC) materials like Tatsulok Komiks, GALANG’s groundbreaking lesbian comic book series, as well as our Filipino translation of The Yogyakarta Principles.


We engage in participatory action research activities to better understand the communities that we work with and to become more effective as change agents. We document cases of employment discrimination, sexual and other forms of violence against urban poor Filipino LBTs. We also believe in the importance of documenting our interventions to be able to continuously fine-tune and replicate our good practices in grassroots organizing and mass base building.

Institutional Development & Sustainability

As a small and relatively young non-profit organization, we recognize that the success and sustainability of our work, particularly in grassroots organizing, depends on having competent, committed, and well-motivated development professionals on board. As such, we seek to provide our staff and volunteer professionals with opportunities for growth through extensive field exposures and various training activities.