Bisexual Visibility Day 2020

Bisexuality does not adhere to a strictly divided preference between women and men. Bisexuals who are more attracted to women or who are more attracted to men or are equally attracted to both are all valid.

We must recognize that every individual has specific preferences and respect it fully. We must not dismiss bisexuality as just a phase that people choose to stay while figuring out themselves. Bisexuality is a valid sexual orientation that can stand on its own. Gender is fluid—all of us can identify and have diverse SOGIE in our journey to understanding and acknowledging our true self.

Today, we call the LGBTQIA+ community and our allies to stop invisibilizing and erasing bisexuality in our fight for gender equality. As we commemorate this day, we urge everyone to acknowledge that bisexuality exists without the need to adhere to anyone’s standards.


Bisexuals are valid.

Bisexuality is not a phase.

Celebrate Bisexual Visibility Day!


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