NHRIs for LGBTI Inclusion in the Sustainable Development Goals

Statement of the Philippine Commission on Human Rights submitted to the Global LGBTI Human Rights Conference in Montevideo, Uruguay (July 13-15, 2016)


SDG 1, allows us to link discrimination against LGBTI with poverty and to push for inclusion of LGBTIs in social protection policies, address LGBTI employment discrimination, and address the needs of urban poor LGBTIs. In the Philippines, GALANG, an LBT organization, conducted reviews of social protection policies and labor legislations, particularly looking at LGBTI exclusion. They have pointed out for example, the heteronormative policies embedded in current laws that systematically exclude minority groups from government health insurance which subject vulnerable sector to further marginalization. They have also pointed the need to ensure that other equally important social protection policies include or be responsive to LGBTI sector.


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