TDoV 2021: Snapshots of Our Lives

You may not notice it, but you interact with persons of diverse SOGIESC in your everyday life. They are our schoolmates, neighbors, co-workers, family members, and so much more.


In an ideal world, no one needs to disclose any aspect of their sexuality just to prove that diverse identities do exist. In an ideal world, there are no labels, no erasures of identities, and everyone is recognized as equals. Sadly, our society still refuses to acknowledge such diversity which has caused multiple disadvantages, especially for transgender individuals. 


To celebrate the International Transgender Day of Visibility, members of GALANG’s partner community-based orgs gladly shared snapshots of their lives as transgender individuals. It is our hope that commemorating this day would take us closer to a world that accepts and respects transgender people’s lives.


If you or anyone you know would also like to share a little bit about themselves, please feel free to comment down below!



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