#WomenRiseAboveCovid: Discussing the Economic Impacts of the Covid-19 Pandemic on Women

UN Women and Oxfam Pilipinas held a web conference entitled, “Economic Impacts of the Covid-19 Pandemic on Women: Current Insights, Prospects for Recovery and Resilience Building” last March 31, 2020. GALANG Philippines, along with other women’s groups, and private sector organizations served as panel of discussants for the event.

The conference consisted of two panels discussing insights from women communities, and the prospect for recovery and resilience building. It was pointed out that current solutions against the pandemic are blind to the needs of women, particularly for economically disadvantaged women, LBTQ women, and older women. This intersection of disadvantages is also often heightened by the reproductive work expected of women which became more demanding as Luzon is on lockdown with people home quarantined.

With this, the panellists’ recommendations focused more on ways to maximize women’s digital presence by joining online seminars for self-improvement and empowerment, and doing online work to earn even while at home. Small to medium-sized enterprises, which are usually headed by women in the communities should also be recognized and supported. Gaps in the government’s plans and actions should be highlighted and addressed to help improve the overall condition of women.

Lastly, living through a global pandemic, we must ensure women’s safety, good mental health, and well-being without turning a blind eye to their specific problems and needs.

In case you missed our virtual conference, you may watch it here.


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